What are Rich Snippets? Where are Rich Snippets Used?

What are Rich Snippets?

Rich snippet is an expression used to describe the information and markup information of websites, and webmasters can add these data to their site’s HTML code. Rich Snippets helps search engines understand the subject and content of a website more easily. However, the main search engines are stepping forward and using this information to better display search results so users can get their information more easily than search engines.

Under normal circumstances, when your site is displayed in Google search results or other search engines, users can see the title of the site, the site address, and the meta desktops that you have for that page.

When you use Rich Snippets on your site, Google can provide more information about the search query. Now, this information can be a review of a product, a person, a business, or anything. Google uses Rich Snippets to provide accurate, categorized information and redirect Eva to your site.

rich snippets

In the above image, you see a link to the Startupik site in the search results. The stars below the link are the points that users have given to this page. Also, as you can see, 22 people have rated this page.

What Type of Content Does Rich Snippets Support?

Currently, search engines recognize three types of tagged content:

  • Microdata
  • Microformats
  • RDFa

All three types of content support HTML language and in fact, they can help to tag the content of a web page. Microdata is the most common type of content used in the Rich Snipes. Of course, Open Graph tags and Twitter cards are also a kind of markup, but they can not be used instead of Rich Snippets.

You do not need to learn the language of HTML to write this type of data. These codes are very simple and usually available on the Internet.

Rich Snippets Types

You can use Rich Snippets (or Named Data) in different ways on your site:


In this type of Rich Snippet, instead of showing the URL of the page to users, the location of that page is displayed to the user in the categories of the site. In fact, this Rich Snippet shows users how to navigate to your site to get to this page.



You can use the Rich Snippet to review a product or a movie. In this Rich Snippet type, you can display a review in the search results or you can display a total of them. This type of Rich Snippet allows site users to rate the product. You can also display the reviewer’s name in the search results.

rich snippets by name

Video Content

This type of Rich Snippet is used for video content on the site and can display the manufacturer’s information, video duration, and video maker in the search results.

rich snippets video type

How to Add Rich Snippet to Our Content?

Of course, you do not need to add bookmarked content to the content of all pages on the site. However, the more the content is tagged, the better the search engines get.
Also, you should mention here that you only need to mark the content that can be displayed to users. The hidden elements of the page and the content contained in div’s codes do not need to be tagged.
Data markup is divided into three main sections:
  1. Itemscope – Indicates that the HTML code contained in the <div> block is about a specific item.
  2. Itemtype – Indicates exactly what the item is.
  3. Itemprop – is about item info. Information such as name, site address, review and …
Books, movies, photos, TV shows, music, and cooking instructions are counted as creative work. So an example of HTML markup for a book will look like this:
Note how each of these three elements is used.

The number of data entered in this data varies by type of content. In addition, the number of information variables you want to enter for each page may be a bit confusing (especially for people who have not yet coded it).

If your site is launched on the WordPress Content Management System, it’s easy to do. In WordPress, there are several plugins for creating Rich Snippet, such as the all-in-one plugin Schema.org. Of course, most content management systems have created extensions to build Rich Snippet. However, you may need the help of a web developer to launch these plug-ins.

Why should you care about Rich Snippets?

When you search for a phrase on Google, which link attracts your attention? The same link as the golden stars? Exactly.

Rich Snippets optimize your site’s content and content for search engines. Search engines also display these data regularly and tagged to users. As a result, your website clicks significantly. In addition, many SEOs believe that the use of Rich Snippets can affect your site’s ranking.

Also, if you are a writer, Rich Snippets can be effective in your business and show you as an experienced user.

If you shop online or review your products on your site, Rich Snippet can attract users’ attention. Providing a good user experience is an effective step in increasing the click and sell rate and Rich Snippet is the first step in providing a good user experience to visitors.

For the same reasons, you should use the Rich Snippets. If these reasons are not enough for you, it’s best to search for yourself on Google and compare the results. Be happy to share your thoughts and suggestions with us.


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