Download From YouTube in 6 Ways

6 Ways To Download From Youtube

If you are also a YouTube user, then this is the question of how to download from YouTube? In this article, we are going to explain ways to download from YouTube. It does not matter whether you are using a computer or a mobile device, as this article describes how to download YouTube from you. Stay with us.

1) Use the download robot from YouTube on the Telegram

The @GetMediabot in the Telegram can download the videos you want. You must first start the robot and then send the video link to it.

download from YouTube by using Telegram bot

As you can see, the robot sends a message to you after receiving the link to tell you the optimal quality to download. The robot can only send the video to the video as a mp3 file. After selecting the quality and type of the robot file, the file is downloaded and sent to you according to your request.

2) Download from Youtube by using Sites

If you want to use only your browser to download from the YouTube website, you can bookmark some download sites for yourself. Websites like Tubeleecher can download the quality and extensions you need after downloading the YouTube video link. The Tubeleecher website is very simple and you can only use it to download videos from YouTube.

download from YouTube by using sites download from YouTube by using sites download from YouTube by using sites

3) Download from Youtube by using the Browser

download from YouTube by using Maxthon Browser

Another way to download videos from YouTube is by using the Maxthon Browser. When you visit a page with this browser that contains a video, the browser will automatically suggest downloading that video on the top bar. In fact, using this browser is more likely to be recommended to those who deal with YouTube and its sites, and sites do not allow downloading.

4) Download YouTube in Android

If you want to download YouTube on your Android mobile device, you can use the Tube Mate Android software. However, as with the above, you can also use your mobile browser to download. Go to the tubeleecher website and submit a video link to download the video for you.

5) Download from YouTube by using Windows Software

Youtube Video Downloader Program is another way to download from YouTube by using the Windows device. Although this method is also active, we suggest using download websites instead of using Windows software.

6) Download from Youtube by using the Browser Plugin

Youtube Video Downloader plugin can be one of the best ways to download video from Youtube. After downloading and installing this plugin, you can easily download your video from YouTube. Follow the tutorial to install and work with the plugin:

  • By clicking on the Youtube Video Downloader, go to the AddOnCrop website and download the plugin for your browser.
  • After downloading the plugin, unzip it.
  • Go to the Extensions section in Chrome and change the plugin status to the developer.
  • Install and activate the plugin file inside Chrome Drop.

download from YouTube by using Chrome extension

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