Important Tips Before Buying A Domain Name

Choosing the right name for a website is one of the most important steps to build a great website. If you plan to launch an online business, choosing a name that is marketing and attracting user feedback when searching is very important and a success code. Important factors should be taken into consideration before choosing a domain name. This article looks at the issues that should be considered before choosing the name.

Short and Attractive

Domain names can be very short or very long (1 letter to 67 letters). In general, it’s best to have your domain name short. The more your domain name is shorter, the more people will remember it. Remembering a domain name is important in terms of marketing. As users go to your site and use it, they will probably tell others about it, and they will suggest themselves to others and… Like any other business, oral advertising is the strongest type of advertising to attract new users to your website (which is also free!). If your website’s domain name is long and its pronunciation is hard, users will not remember it, and if they are not saved in their Favorites list, they will most likely no longer be able to.

Do Not Use Other Site Domain Names!

Your credit belongs to you and the credibility of others belonging to others will never be chosen without reasoning the domain name of the same name as others. Consider this especially in online stores. If this is not legally a problem, it will have a very negative impact on users’ trust.

Consider the Same Domain Name

The experience has proven that users sometimes have a mistake in writing a domain name for a site and maybe typing a domain close to your domain and actually go to another website. Try to register the domains that are in same range with your own domain name and keep track of your domain by redirecting similar domains.

If you want to know about redirect just read What is Redirect? Know the types of Redirect article.

Consider Search Engines

Locating the main keyword of the site’s activity in the domain name raises the domain’s priority in searches. Include this issue when choosing the language of your domain name. For example, if you use the shop word instead of store word, you will have priority in the shop word searches.

What is the TLD or Top-Level Domain For the Site?

Another important part that you should pay attention to when you buy a domain is the top-level domain or TLD. In the past, there were very limited TLDs available to Internet users, but today, with the unspeakable development of websites, there are plenty of TLDs available to enthusiastic users. In fact, each of the TLDs is defined for a specific user type. In OmegaDo, we’ve provided 100 different TLDs for purchase, which you can use for any of them, depending on your activity. To view TLDs, just go to the domain purchase page.


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