Small Tricks For Better Google Searches

Small tricks for better Google searches

One can say that anyone familiar with the Internet has once used Google. But how should increase the speed of reaching your desired result on Google? Google has got some tips for having small tricks for better Google searches. By following these tips, you can increase your speed to reach your need site. We hope this article will be useful to you.

Astrik sign

Many times, we do not remember the name of the song to download a song, and we only remember parts of the poem. If you want to search for a phrase that you do not remember part of it, just use the star sign instead of the word you do not remember. For example, you do not remember the word “advertising” in the phrase “Omega Do Advertising Agency”. All you have to do is use the word instead of * and search for your phrase. In fact, your search phrase is:

Omega Do * Agency


If you want your search results to not contain a specific word, use the distance line. For example, you want to search the The House Of Cards but not Kevin Spacey in the results displayed. Just use the dash before Kevin Spacey. In fact, your search phrase is:

The House Of Cards -Kevin Spacey

2 dot

Here we mean two points along the way in a straight line. You can use these two points to illustrate the concept of suffering. This mark is useful for prices, calculating numbers and dates. For example, if you want to search for product prices in the range of $ 1,000 to $ 2,000, write the phrase in the search box after the product name. For example:

Macbook Pro buy 1000$..2000$

Quotation marks

Whenever you want to search for a phrase exactly in the same order and without changing, and your search results are exactly the same as the one you searched, you should use the quotation mark or quote. For example, you want to search the name of the reminder from The Weekend, your search term can be:

“The Weekend Reminder.”

Search on a specific website

If you are looking for a particular website, you should use the phrase:. Using this template, all your search results will only be from this site. For example, you would like to search the phrase “Website Design” on the Omega Do site. Your search term should be: Website Design

Find a link

By typing the link: and entering the link in front of it, you can find all the sites linking to this link. For example, you want to find all the sites that link to Omega Do. In the search box, type:


better google searches

Related Searches

To find sites related to a particular site, you must first write related: and enter the site address. For example, you would like to find websites related to the Omega Do website:


Image Search

You can use the Google Image Search System if you have a picture you want to find a higher-quality file. Google Image Search has also been much useful for photographers. By looking at their own photos, they can see which photos are used on which sites. To use this system, go to the Image section of Google Search and click on the camera icon. After clicking on the icon, upload your photo or enter the photo URL if available on the Internet. Google will search for all of the same images and show you the results.

We hope this article will make you get better Google searches.



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